Courier and delivery firms adopting Electric vehicles for fleets

The transport sector contributes significantly to Europe’s carbon dioxide emissions. Without decisive pro-ecological actions, it may increase by 60% in the industry by 2050 – according to the estimates of the International Transport Forum. That is why more and more logistics and courier companies are choosing green investments in electric delivery vehicles. In addition to the ecological aspect, they also have other benefits – they are almost silent, can use bus lanes and allow them to become independent from price fluctuations on the fuel market. Electric cars are gradually being switched, for example, for all DHL Parcel couriers. The company will gradually invest in a green fleet in the coming years.

According to the “Fleet Barometer 2020” Arval Mobility Observatory, already 30 percent of Polish companies use alternative propulsion technologies (electrics, hybrids, LPG). However, so far only 3% of electric cars have entered their fleet enterprises. However, the courier industry is increasingly aware that investment in electrics is slowly becoming a necessity that brings many benefits.

The electrics that will supply the DHL Parcel eco-fleet this year are MAN Truck & Bus Polska eVANs. As part of the long-term rental with full service, they were provided by Arval. The vehicles are characterized not only by zero emissions, but also very low noise levels, which will help to increase the comfort of couriers working on long journeys.

According to the Electromobility Counter launched by PSPA and PZPM, at the end of December, a total of 18,875 electric cars were registered in Poland. Last year, 9,879 of them were added (i.e. 140% more than in 2019). In turn, the fleet of electric vans and trucks amounted to 839 copies at the end of December, and the number of registrations increased by 13 percent.

Experts forecast that in the coming years, electrician registrations will reach a dozen or even tens of thousands of items per year. Already in 2021, the increase in their popularity should contribute, inter alia, an amendment to the act on electromobility, the introduction of an e-tariff or the launch of a support system for electric vehicles from the funds of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.


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