Cooperation between Kazakhstan and Poland

Poland is one of the leading economic partners of Kazakhstan in the Central and Eastern Europe. The Kazakh-Polish trade exceeded 80 per cent of the total amount of Poland’s trade with the Central Asian countries. According to the Kazakh Foreign Ministry officials, the Polish investments in the Kazakh economy totaled US$60 million.

There are currently 219 joint enterprises operating in Kazakhstan. According to the Kazakh ambassador to Poland, the companies are planning to implement three new projects in the nearest time. Today, the parties are negotiating on opening enterprises to manufacture tractors and agricultural goods. The efforts of the two countries brought about the growth of the bilateral trade. The Polish statistics data showed that the value grew 63 per cent last quarter compared to the same period last year. Export of goods from Kazakhstan grew almost 60 per cent.

MARGULAN BAIMUKHAN, KAZAKH AMBASSADOR TO POLAND: – We are monitoring the market to identify the niche that we can take. The Kazakh accumulators ‘Kainar’ used to be sold in Poland through the Belarusian intermediaries. Instead of creating another link, we can establish direct sales. Herbs are another export item as we are looking for manufactured products.

Margulan Baimukhan also said that a number of events dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Astana are planned to be held in Warsaw. Kazakh businessmen will hold presentations at the event for potential investors. They will also discuss the investment opportunities and the ways of expanding bilateral partnerships between the countries.





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