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Thom Barnhardt

Editorial Director

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Lynda Arsenault

N. America Development Director

Yumi Yoshida

Japan liaison; Asagao (Krakow)

Dominik Horyn

Editorial Contributor

Karan Singh


Danuta Barnhardt

Administration, Advertising, and all Poland-based issues

Promotional Options

Promoting your Brand with BiznesPolska.pl:

BiznesPolska.pl is Poland’s leading English-language business website, with focus on foreign investors/English-language speaking business people living in, or working with, Poland. Biznespolska.pl’s audience is international, wealthy, and intelligent – they make key buying decisions both for their companies’ budget and their own personal budgets.

What We Are: Brand Advertising At Scale

We create be-spoke branding campaigns from scratch and we want to partner with brand marketers who “get it.” We’ll work with you to boost your brand via News Content, Photos, Videos, and via our Events. Or will recommend other events that fit better with your plans.

What We’re Not: Cheap Lead Generation Factory

We’re not a lead generation tool. If you don’t care about brand marketing and just need leads (which honestly should be the majority of your budget), we recommend buying Google and Facebook. It works. It’s efficient.
We’re not cheap. In terms of partnerships, we’re relatively expensive and require a minimum commitment of 12 months. This allows us to develop long-term relationships and work deeper with brand marketers. Everything we do is custom. If you want cheap, go buy Facebook ads (low CPM) or Google Display Network ads. Both are great tools for inexpensive impressions.
We’re not a high volume operation. We always want to have fewer than 30 brand partners – this allows us to go deeper with fewer brands.

Our Audience: Slightly-less than 5,000 top international business executives in Poland.

We reach the “creme de la creme” of Poland’s international business community. Our ambitious aim is to reach all foreign business executives living and working in Poland – we aren’t there yet but we’re getting close!. Through pain-staking research and years of contacts, our Newsletter subscribers include Members of International Chambers of Commerces:
– AmCham
British Chamber BPCC
– French Chamber CCIFP
– Netherlands-Poland Chamber
– Belgium Chamber
– German Chamber AHK
– Scandinavian Chamber SPCC
– Austrian Chamber
– Swiss Chamber
– Canadian Chamber PCCC
– Irish Chamber
– Spanish Chamber PHIG
Portugese Chamber PPCC

We also have Newsletter subscribers that have come from contacts at PAIH (Polish Investment Agency), many Polish Cities (Investor Relations departments), Special Economic Zones and multiple additional sources.

We also have lots of top Polish business executives that subscribe, especially those that work in an multinational business environment.

Biznespolska.pl Core Products:

a) Biznespolska Daily Newsletter (just under 5,000 subscribers, 28%+ open rate)– Useful business information, ideas, and leads delivered daily, quickly, and consistently. Sign up.

b) BiznesPolska Video News: a weekly news briefing, in English, for a global audience. Top business news from Poland; featuring Special Guest every week.

c) Biznespolska.pl – Business News in English; plus Job Board and Events Listings board.

d) LinkedIn Pages (8,000+ Followers) and Twitter – We “magnify the message” by leaning on business-only social media to complement our daily Newsletter.  Follow.

Promotional and Branding options:
a) Annual Brand Partnerships:
(€ 2500-3500 per month with annual commitment)
Branding-focused partnerships to make a meaningful impact on BiznesPolska’s business-only audience via year-long advertising efforts, revolving around useful information and programming. These Partnerships might include a mix of:
– CEO Interviews (posted on our YouTube Channel and BiznesPolska.pl)
– News Articles (new deals done, top management promotions, new hires, your events) – in daily Newsletter and posted on BiznesPolska.
– Advisory Articles (especially for Service Providers such as Lawyers, Tax Advisors, Real Estate Advisors, etc)
– Photography and Video.
– Events.
– Image Advertising.

b) Custom Brand Campaigns:
(€ 4000+ for a short-term, high-impact campaign)
Custom digital campaigns built for short-term flights (maximum of 3 months) designed to make a deeply meaningful impact on our audience. Particularly useful for one-off events, such as Corporate Anniversaries, New Product launches, rebranding, etc.

c) PR Agency Subscription:
(€1800/quarter; or €4800/year)
– 2 Video Interviews/month (24 per year) of one of your clients (posted in Newsletter, BiznesPolska.pl, and YouTube)
– 4 Monthly News Articles (48 per year) – posted on BiznesPolska and Newsletter.

d) Event Listings: 300 euro
Event Listings are featured in every daily morning newsletter, from the time you submit until the end of your event; and featured on our Event Board (from February 2021).

e) Job Listings: 250 euro
Postings are featured in our daily Newsletters and throughout the site. Postings are live for 60 days. Top international companies use the BiznesPolska Job Board to recruit the best minds in Poland.

Contact Danuta to learn more:danuta(at)biznespolska.pl