Companies from the BaseLinker Index increased orders by 12% y/y, GMV by 6% in May

Companies included in the BaseLinker Index – an indicator of the condition of the Polish e-commerce market – increased the number of their orders by 12% y/y in May this year, increasing their sales value (GMV) by 6%, and the average order value – by 5%, the creator said indicator – BaseLinker. Sales in May 2023 were 8% higher than in April.

BaseLinker’s analysts started indexing Polish e-commerce in January 2022, when the baseline value (100 points) was set, which was the reference point for index readings in subsequent months. In May 2023, the BaseLinker Index value was 129 points. The index is published regularly, on the first days of each subsequent month.

“The data aggregated in the BaseLinker Index show that in May 2023, the companies included in the index increased the number of their orders by as much as 12% (y/y), increasing their sales value (GMV) by 6% in this period. The average order value increased by 5%. Sales in May increased compared to April this year. by 8%, but – what is worth noting – while the number of orders increased by 10% m/m, the average value of the basket decreased by 2% – from PLN 199 in April to PLN 195 in May.

According to BaseLinker data, the value of cross-border trade increased by 22% compared to May last year. As indicated, this is more than twice as fast a growth as in the case of e-sales on the domestic market, where the increase was 10%.

“This is the second reading of our index. Data for May showed that Polish retailers are still increasing sales. Although the last few years have accustomed us to constant increases in e-commerce, in many European countries the growth of online sales has slowed down significantly, and in some countries this sales have even started to decline, such as in our western neighbors or in Great Britain. Taking into account the greater conservativeness of consumers when it comes to spending, our native retailers have reasons to be satisfied – their sales in May this year. turned out to be very good, despite the record long May weekend,” commented Łukasz Juśkiewicz, head of strategy at BaseLinker, quoted in the release.

BaseLinker Index is an indicator showing the current state of Polish e-commerce. Data indexing began in January 2022, when the BaseLinker Index value was set at 100, which is the reference point for readings from the subsequent months under review. Each of the 3,000 of companies included in the index managed their sales online using the BaseLinker system in January 2022 and had at least 250,000 subscribers. PLN monthly GMV (Gross Merchandise Value, i.e. online sales). The data includes both companies selling in Poland and selling cross-boarders.

BaseLinker claims to be Europe’s largest e-commerce sales management and automation system.


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