ComERT from the Asseco Poland group expects to double the business this year

ComCERT - a company from the cybersecurity industry belonging to the Asseco Poland group - expects to double the business this year with the expected 30% dynamics of the growth of the cybersecurity market, informed the president of ComCert, Krzysztof Dyki.

“The Polish cybersecurity market is estimated at approximately USD 500 million. In my opinion, currently we should expect a dynamics of growth this year around 30% in Poland and similarly in the world, and ComCERT expects 100% dynamics of growth, "Dyki said during the meeting with journalists.

He noted that he saw a "colossal" increase in interest in cybersecurity, but still not followed by large investments, as companies have a problem with human resources and defining cybersecurity needs.

The main contractors of ComCert are the financial, telecommunications, energy and military sectors, as well as the state.

ComCERT's goals for 2022 in Poland are to increase the share in the financial and military market, as well as to optimize the margin with COGS in the context of exchange rate risks. In the EU, the company aims to implement the Cyber ​​Rapid Response Toolbox project and actively seek new projects. In Africa, the company plans to increase its presence through the exhibition of the Cyber ​​Defense Africa project.

Asseco Poland specializes in the production and development of software. It is the largest software house with Polish capital, more than half of the group's revenues come from proprietary solutions. Asseco is the sixth largest software provider in Europe. Its consolidated sales revenues reached PLN 14,498 million in 2021.

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