Comarch will launch the Everything in a new version in 2022

Comarch intends to develop its own sales platform,, whose new version is planned to start in early 2022, announced Vice President Zbigniew Rymarczyk. They are to be preceded by a nationwide marketing campaign.
“Our marketplace has been operating since 2010, but now its new version is being launched. Soon, the website will be available in a changed layout, with more extensive and improved navigation. We want to launch our own platform,, at the beginning of next year. We want to spend a lot of money on a nationwide large advertising campaign. We have adequate financial resources, and besides, we want to create an alternative to Allegro and other platforms of this type, ”said Rymarczyk during a press conference.

As he explained, the Everything platform will be available to everyone for free, and companies will not pay commission on the sale of products or services, which ultimately allows them to offer products at more competitive prices.

“This is our response to the prevailing trends in the field of e-commerce and an alternative for Polish companies that want to develop e-commerce operations without paying high commissions to the owners of auction platforms” – added the vice president.

Due to the new project, the company plans to increase employment.

“Currently, a dozen or so people from our company only deal with this project, and we want to increase this number 2-3 times in the coming months. For the next few years, we want to focus only on the domestic market, ”said Rymarczyk.

The vice president pointed out that Comarch has an appropriate database of companies that may potentially be interested in such a platform.

“We have about 100,000 in the database. companies with whom we work and which regularly update their systems from us. In addition, the pandemic forced the launch of online sales for many of them, ”added the vice president.

On the platform, transactions will be made by both companies and individuals.

Comarch specializes in the design, implementation and integration of advanced IT systems, programming tools, tools and network infrastructures. The company has been listed on the WSE since 1999. Its consolidated revenues amounted to PLN 1.54 billion in 2020.


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