Comarch: The value of the order portfolio for 2022 is 10% higher

The value of Comarch's order portfolio is approx. 10% higher y / y, announced the vice-president Konrad Tarański. In his opinion, repeating last year's EBIT this year is "rather ambitious, but not impossible".

"Prospects for the second half of 2022 - the value of the order portfolio is approx. 10% higher than the situation a year ago. The pressure to increase costs, of course, persists, these are personnel costs, the issues related to energy carriers show such a tendency. Undoubtedly, we are observing symptoms of an economic slowdown. In our case, it manifests itself in the observation of clients' behavior and investment decisions. We are working on diversifying our sales markets. We can see especially in Poland and Western Europe that the contracting pace is slightly lower than it was a few months ago, "Tarański said during the videoconference.

He noted that in the second half of the year, Comarch focuses on activities aimed at ensuring that the revenue dynamics at least cover the increase in costs, which is a derivative of external factors. The geographic structure of the backlog is very stable: with 60% abroad and the rest - domestic orders. And this is also assumed for the future.

In his words, a replication of last year's EBIT at the moment is a "rather ambitious, but not impossible" scenario. The operating profit in 2021 was PLN 187.23 million compared to PLN 191.56 million profit a year earlier. The EBITDA profit in 2021 amounted to PLN 279.33 million compared to PLN 277.85 million a year earlier.

Comarch specializes in the design, implementation and integration of advanced IT systems, programming tools, tools and network infrastructures. The company has been listed on the WSE since 1999. Its consolidated revenues amounted to PLN 1.62 billion in 2021.

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