Columbus Energy has an agreement with Saule and Somfy to collaborate on the new product

Columbus Energy has signed a framework agreement with Saule and Somfy on strategic cooperation in the field of commercialization and development in Poland of a new product created in cooperation between these companies, i.e. aluminum light breaker lamellas with a perovskite cell, Columbus reported.

“According to the concluded agreement, the parties will cooperate in the commercialization and further development of perovskite cells in the areas of energy and digital transformation in Poland. They also undertook to jointly undertake activities aimed at research and development and subsequent introduction to the market and commercialization of new products based on Saule's technology and know-how for the existing or newly constructed building sector and for individual clients (including at least three from the BAPV , B2B utility-scale and B2C)."

“We plan to jointly create several new products using perovskite cells, including at least three from the BAPV, B2B utility-scale and B2C categories. With a team of outstanding experts in the field of modern energy and a world-class manufacturer of building automation systems, we can develop solutions that have a chance to further revolutionize ecological construction "- commented Piotr Krych, representative of the Saule board.

The agreement is the finalization of the agreement that Columbus, Saule and Somfy concluded in August 2021 during the premiere of the commercial use of Saule lamellas. The first joint project of the three companies was the commercial use of automatic lamellas on the Aliplast building in Lublin in August 2021.

Columbus Energy reports that it is the market leader in photovoltaic micro-installations in Poland. The company is listed on the New Connect market.

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