Columbus Energy has a strategic technology partnership agreement with Orange Energia

Columbus Energy has entered into a strategic technology partnership agreement with Orange Energia to develop the renewable energy sector, the company said. In the initial stage, the cooperation will involve Columbus providing products and services from renewable energy sources to Orange Energia's customers.

The agreement also provides for the provision by Columbus directly to the end customer of Orange Energia who so requests, premium services: warranty, maintenance, advisory, monitoring, related to RES products or services. At the request of the end customer of Orange Energia, Columbus will assist in obtaining financing for the execution of the final contract.

“In line with the Grow strategy adopted by Orange Polska, care for the climate is particularly important in the business decisions we make. Cooperation with Columbus Energy will help reach a wider group of people interested in green energy with our services. We want to be a responsible partner for the client in the green transformation and enable him to use ecological energy sources. As an innovative and development-oriented company, we are developing our offer and modernizing the sales network. Cooperation with Columbus Energy is another proof of this, ”added the president of Orange Energia, Bartosz Gott.

Orange Polska is a provider of telecommunications services in Poland. Orange provides, among others mobile and fixed telephony, internet access, TV and voice over the internet (VoIP) services. The company has been listed on the WSE since 1998.

Columbus Energy reports that it is the market leader in photovoltaic micro-installations in Poland. The company is listed on the NewConnect market.
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