Columbus Energy scoops up more PV projects: 345 MW

Columbus Energy has entered into a preliminary agreement to purchase shares in 4 companies implementing solar farm projects and to acquire 3 solar farm projects with a total capacity of all projects of 345 MW.

“We are constantly expanding our portfolio of solar farms. We currently have over 4.5 GW. Together with the concluded agreement, we will be able to acquire more farms with a total capacity of 345 MW. The acquisition and settlement of the aforementioned projects will depend on the results of due diligence studies, ”said Vice President Janusz Sterna.

Recently, the company concluded an agreement on cooperation in the development of a 60 MW solar farm. The next two contracts concerned the purchase of wind farms with a capacity of 30 MW and 14 MW. The company’s management emphasizes that photovoltaic projects are a very important part of the Columbus Energy ecosystem.


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