Columbus Energy and Saule have entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Google Cloud Poland

Columbus Energy has entered into a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Google Cloud Poland and Saule - a subsidiary of Columbus Elite Global - in the implementation of the energy transformation process of Columbus customers and scaling the operations of Columbus and Saule, Columbus said.

"Columbus Energy [...] concluded with Google Cloud Poland sp. Z o.o. with headquarters in Warsaw and Saule S.A. with its registered office in Warsaw, a framework agreement that defines the joint activities of the parties in the scope of:

- strategic cooperation in the process of energy transformation of Columbus customers with the use of Saule products with the marketing support of Google Cloud Poland,
- technical and technological cooperation, by providing Columbus with tools and resources for the preparation of development strategies and architecture for scaling Columbus operations in selected global markets, providing Saule with tools and resources for the development of PESL (perovskite electronic shelf label) and their mass commercialization, ultimately on all in territories where the Google capital group offers its cloud products and preparing both companies to scale their operations based on Google Workspace, Google Cloud and Google Ads products, ”the release reads.

Saule Technologies is a Polish company developing a new generation of printed perovskite solar cells technology. The company was founded in 2014 by Olga Malinkiewicz - the inventor of the method - and businessmen Piotr Krych and Artur Kupczunas. Today, Saule Technologies is a team of over 50 scientists, engineers and administrative staff from over 17 countries. Over the last year, Saule Technologies, in cooperation with engineers from Korea, Malaysia, Great Britain, Singapore and Japan, constructed a unique, first in the world production line of printed perovskite cells.

Columbus Energy reports that it is the market leader in photovoltaic micro-installations in Poland. The company is listed on the New Connect market.

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