Columbus Energy buys 90 MW of PV farms

Columbus Energy S.A., a leading provider of services on the modern energy market, is consistently developing its activities in the segment of photovoltaic farms.

The company concluded an agreement with the partner, pursuant to which it decided to purchase a photovoltaic farm project with the issued Connection Conditions, with a capacity of 60 MW. Moreover, the Company signed a preliminary contract for the purchase of a photovoltaic farm project with a connection capacity of 30 MW.

“The agreement concerns cooperation in the development of a photovoltaic farm with a capacity of 60 MW with connection conditions issued. Our partner declared that he would try to increase the capacity of the connection conditions for this project by at least 35 MW. The project is to be settled by August 28, 2022” – says Janusz Sterna, Vice President of Columbus Energy S.A. – “However, this is not the end of our acquisitions in this area. We have purchased more farms with a capacity of 30 MW, thanks to which the total capacity of the farms purchased today is as much as 90 MW” – he adds.

Columbus is steadily increasing its market share for solar farms. The company currently has 44 MW of fully operational farms and 56 MW under construction. The estimated market value of these assets is PLN 350-400 million. Another 100 MW is being prepared for construction, and the entire development portfolio is currently 4.5 GW.


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