Codecool and Software Development Academy announced a merger, creating a training hub

The Polish company ed-tech Software Development Academy (SDA) and Hungarian Codecool announced the merger, creating a training hub for digital skills and employee sourcing in the IT industry, the release said.

“The combined company is present in 8 countries (Poland, Hungary, Romania, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Estonia and Albania) and expects to train 15-20 thousand people. people per year, including employees of almost 400 global and local brands from the region. The company's partners include Accenture, Microsoft, Motorola, Morgan Stanley, Ericsson and Vodafone, ”the release reads.

A separate announcement stated that as part of the transaction, Aria Fund sold part of its shares in a Polish company from the EdTech sector, achieving an IRR of 35.5%. The exit from the investment in Software Development Academy is related to the merger of the company with its largest European competitor, Codecool, stated in the information.

“There is a global battle for digital talent, especially for developers and programmers. Our main goal remains to provide high-quality digital education and improvement for employees and employers on a larger scale. We believe that the combination of Codecool and SDA will increase the level of digital skills of Central Europeans, who are already hungry for science and will have a key impact on the digital transformation of the whole of Europe, "said SDA President Michał Mysiak, who will lead the combined company as CEO, quoted in the release.

With over 300 employees, 17 paths of digital retraining, a network of 1.6 thousand. mentors, the combined companies will offer education, upskilling and retraining to private individuals, businesses and government entities. Both companies will use their strong consumer brands in local markets as Codecool and SDA in the near future and offer new digital skills training that reflects a rapidly changing technological environment.

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