Cloud Technologies buys back shares as profits rise

Cloud Technologies, as part of the tranche lasting from February 15 to March 25, bought back 14500 shares from investors has now decided to continue the process on a continuous basis, the company said. Cloud Technologies is looking for interesting acquisition opportunities in the area of ​​data distribution.

"The positive effects of the strategy implementation can already be seen in the results for 2021 and the results of data sales to key customers in January this year. They increased by 64% y / y, which is the best result in the last six months. The purchase of shares, for which we have allocated up to PLN 15 million, is one of the activities that we are implementing this year as part of our strategy. At the same time, as announced, we are investing in the development of our technology and we are looking for interesting acquisition opportunities aimed at quickly increasing the distribution of our data "- said Piotr Soleniec, financial director and member of the management board of Cloud Technologies.

The company has had a record year - EBITDA amounted to PLN 17.5 million, almost three times more than in 2020. The net profit increased to PLN 8.7 million, i.e. by PLN 8.1 million y / y. Revenues reached the level of PLN 55 million, where for 45% of the result, by 19 percentage points. more than a year ago, there was a corresponding data sale, characterized by the highest margin and having the greatest impact on the dynamic development of the company.

Cloud Technologies is a Warsaw company from the new technologies segment. He deals with big data, marketing and data monetization. Cloud Technologies has created one of the world's largest data warehouses and the Big Data (DMP) platform - OnAudience. The company has been listed on the NewConnect market since 2012.

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