Ciech: We are working on several foreign acquasition projects

Ciech is currently analyzing several potential acquisitions of foreign companies, at various stages of advancement and in various business areas. The company is counting on the finalization of one of these projects in 2022, President Dawid Jakubowicz informed ISBnews.

“We are interested in acquisitions in the area of ​​our core business, mainly in the soda, salt and foam segment, and activities in the Agro segment are at the earliest stage of advancement. We are talking about foreign transactions, with companies from Europe and North America being our area of ​​interest, ”Jakubowicz said in an interview with ISBnews during the European Economic Congress (EKG) in Katowice. The ISBnews agency is the media patron of this event.

As he emphasized, the talks are at various stages of advancement, and individual projects are conditional, which means that if one of them is successful, the others will have to be postponed.

"I hope that one of these projects will be completed in 2022," announced the president.

The Ciech Group is one of the leaders of the European chemical market. It is the second largest producer of soda ash (used in the production of glass) in Europe and the only producer of this substance in Poland. Since 2005, Ciech has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Its consolidated revenues amounted to PLN 3.46 billion in 2021. 

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