Ciech Vitrosilicon has launched a new warehouse in Żary

Ciech Vitrosilicon – Ciech’s subsidiary – has completed the construction of a new warehouse on the company’s premises in Żary, Ciech announced. The launch of the warehouse will improve the company’s logistic capacity and will also reduce the level of noise and dust in the vicinity of the plant. The value of the investment is PLN 4 million.

The new warehouse at the company’s production plant in Żary means savings and streamlining of logistics processes during the supply of sodium silicates to customers in Europe and North America. c

“Thanks to the new investment, the warehouse space at our production plant increases by 100%, but what is also important, we take even better care of maintaining the highest quality and properties of our product. At the same time, we also reduce the level of dust and noise. Business benefits are important, but it is just as crucial for us to be a good neighbor and have a positive impact on the surroundings of the production plant,” said Robert Janeczko, President of Ciech Vitrosilicon, quoted in the release.

Ciech Vitrosilicon – in addition to the new warehouse – also modernized the lines for rail cars intended for the transport of silicates, as well as access roads and maneuvering yards. In the near future, the company intends to build a hall closing the loading line and a hopper for wagons in order to further improve the logistics process, as well as to reduce noise and dusting even more effectively.

The company also intends to implement the technology of energy recovery from flue gas from silicate smelting, to convert it into electricity needed for further production at the plant in Żary.

Ciech Vitrosilicon is Europe’s largest supplier of sodium silicates. It has two production plants – in Żary and Iłowa. It employs over 100 people. Outside Europe, the company also exports silicates to Asia and North America.

The Ciech Group is one of the leaders of the European chemical market. It is the second largest producer of soda ash (used in the production of glass) in Europe and at the same time the only producer of this substance in Poland. Since 2005, Ciech has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Its consolidated revenues amounted to PLN 5.42 billion in 2022.


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