Ciech launches 600 mln pln salt works in Germany.

The Ciech Group is completing the construction of a new salt works plant in Stassfurt, Germany. Ultimately, it will produce 450,000 tonnes of evaporated salt per year. The plant will reach its maximum capacity at the end of the third quarter of 2021. The value of the investment was approximately EUR 140 million.

Parallel to the construction phase that is now ending, individual elements of the production line will be launched. The start-up phase will last until the end of the second quarter. Thereafter, the production levels will be gradually increased. Target capacity will be achieved by the end of September.

In the coming weeks, finishing works will be carried out, and there will also be training for new employees of the brewhouse. Successive elements of the production line will be gradually launched. First, the test process of brine purification and evaporation will begin, which will result in the production of the so-called wet salt. After the calibration and optimization of its production process, it will be possible to start the production of dry salt, as well as the production and packaging of salt tablets, ultimately constituting over 50% of product portfolio of the new brewhouse.

It is planned to start selling on a larger scale, among others due to the restrictions in force in Germany in the third quarter of this year.

The plant will employ about 100 people.


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