Ciech introduced Halvetic to the 12th market – Italian, and plans to register it in 18 countries in total

The Ciech Group introduced the plant protection product Halvetic to the Italian market – this is the twelfth country in which it is available, the company announced. Currently, users can also use it, e.g. in Slovakia, Romania, Greece, Portugal, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Spain. The herbicide registration process is also underway in Estonia, Uruguay, Finland, Croatia, Germany and the United Kingdom. As a result, the product has a chance to be registered in 18 markets.

“Halvetic is a herbicide present on the market for three years, which was developed based on the innovative BGT technology, registered in Poland by Ciech Sarzyna. The product allows you to maintain the current effectiveness of glyphosate-based products, while reducing the dose of the active substance per hectare by half, compared to the existing market standard. This is a breakthrough on the global glyphosate formulation market, and at the same time the Ciech Group’s response to the challenges related to the transformation of agriculture towards a more sustainable one. The effectiveness of Halvetic has been confirmed in about 500 trials and field tests conducted in several climatic zones and on four continents.

The Ciech Group is one of the leaders of the European chemical market. It is the second largest producer of soda ash (used in the production of glass) in Europe and at the same time the only producer of this substance in Poland. Since 2005, Ciech has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange; is included in the mWIG40 index. Its consolidated revenues amounted to PLN 5.42 billion in 2022.


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