CI Games wants to transform into a European company, but without changing the structure of its governing bodies

CI Games decided to proceed with the transformation into a European company, but abandoned its intention to change the structure of the company's governing bodies, CI Games reported.

“On December 23, 2022, the company's management board adopted a new resolution regarding the planned transformation of the company into a European company (SE, transformed company). The transformation of the company into an SE will continue to be aimed primarily at increasing the company's exposure to investors on foreign capital markets by adopting a universal, supranational legal form known in all European Union countries and beyond.

After the management board has considered various possible scenarios related to making the company a supranational SE, the management board's intention is for the transformation to take place as planned so far. However, the transformation will not be accompanied by a change in the structure of the company's governing bodies, as originally planned.

CI Games has announced the convening of a general meeting to which a new plan for the transformation of the company will be submitted.

The transformation into a European company is related to dual listing plans. In November this year CFO David Broderick informed that CI Games hopes to finalize the process of entering the London Stock Exchange in early 2023.

CI Games is a producer and distributor of computer games, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2007 (initially as City Interactive).

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