Pension reforms: IKE + or ZUS?

In just two months, OFE savers will have to decide where the premiums they have collected will go. The Pension Institute decided to help them choose between IKE + and ZUS.

Between June 1 and August 2, each of the 15.5 million OFE members will have to decide whether to choose to move to IKE + or to ZUS. If the draft law on the liquidation of open pension funds adopted by the government enters into force, according to the Pension Institute, it should be expected that the planned liquidation of open pension funds will become a reality in the years 2021-2022. The unit’s experts analyzed which variant may be more profitable for whom.

Choosing between IKE + and ZUS – what to consider?
As specialists advise, the decision to choose between IKE + and ZUS will be of a one-off nature. It will not be possible to modify it in the future, although attempts to question the lack of inheritance of funds transferred to ZUS cannot be ruled out. A passive attitude of an OFE member, i.e. no decision to transfer funds to ZUS, will mean an automatic transfer of a given person’s funds to IKE +.

According to experts, when making a decision, one should take into account such factors as the rules of public and legal deductions (the selection of IKE + means a deduction of a transformation fee, up to 15%, and in the case of ZUS, the pension paid in the future will be subject to income tax). The second important difference is the rules of inheriting funds – only savings accumulated on IKE + are inherited.

The sex of the OFE member, his current age, health condition, probability of long life, as well as the value of funds accumulated by him in the OFE are also important.


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