Chinese Renesola secures 26MW Solar Project deals

Renesola recently announced that it was awarded 26 solar utility projects in Poland, with a capacity of 1 megawatt (MW) each.

All the 26 projects are under Poland’s Contract for Difference (CFD) regime and are eligible for a 15-year guaranteed tariff of PLN 354.8-358.8 per megawatt hour (MWh), which is close to the highest auction price of PLN 364.9/MWh.

Renesola’s Outlook

As of Sep 30, the company had a 783-MW pipeline of total late-stage projects, of which 71.5 MW, 236 MW, 42.6 MW, 41 MW and 16.6 MW is located in France, India, Hungary, Poland and Canada, respectively. Notably, the United States continues to be a large and robust market for ReneSola.

As of the same date, the company had 347 MW shovel-ready stage projects in the United States, of which 24 MW are currently under construction.

ReneSola boasts a global pipeline of approximately 1.65 GW of projects in various stages.


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