Polish milk exporter to China sees bigger opportunities

Poland, one of the largest producers and exporters of food in the EU, could benefit from exporting food to the huge and extremely absorbent Chinese market. Local consumers value European products and treat them as a premium category. For now, however, only milk is recognizable among Polish food. – The potential is huge, but it requires constant, consistent and well-organized promotion – says Ireneusz Ozga, president of the Vici Group, specializing in food exports. The more so as the competition is huge and very effective, and we have already had at least a few examples of unused opportunities in recent years.

“China is a country where it is currently probably the largest middle class in the world, which is well versed in global consumer trends. In the case of food, Poland has a very good chance due to the fact that the Chinese like European food very much and value it for its quality” – says Ozga. – In recent years, we have managed to develop the perception and knowledge of Polish dairy products. Polish milk is already a recognizable product, but it certainly has great potential in the remaining dairy products.

According to the Polish-Chinese Business Council, China is among the top three largest milk producers in the world, but domestic production is not able to meet the growing demand for dairy products. In addition, consumers there have limited confidence in the local dairy industry, where safety incidents have been reported frequently in the last decade. European products are treated as premium class products and Poland benefits from it.

To be successful in the Chinese market, two elements are needed: the first is careful selection of products. It is necessary to select categories in which Polish producers would be able to produce adequate amounts of food in a quality and form corresponding to the Chinese consumer, meeting local phytosanitary standards and suitable for transport, which takes about two weeks in the case of railways, and one and a half months in the case of sea.


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