CD Projekt: Potential acquisitions have our culinary goals

CD Projekt is still open to acquisitions to support the group's strategic goals, announced President Adam Kiciński. In turn, the next-gen version of "The Witcher 3" will additionally include a DLC inspired by the series.

"We are open to acquisitions, but on the condition that they support our strategic goals," Kiciński said during the StockWatch chat.

Earlier, the president indicated that through acquisitions the group is exposed to acquiring international talent. Taken over last year studio in Vancouver is working on the current and new project. Molasses Flood, on the other hand, is working on its own, unannounced project based on one of the group's IPs.

Board member Piotr Nielubowicz, in response to the question about the next-gen version of "The Witcher 3", indicated that it would use the latest technologies of this generation of consoles. Additionally, it will include a DLC inspired by the Netflix series.

The CD Projekt group includes: CD Projekt RED - developer of RPG video games and GOG - global platform for digital game distribution. The flagship game of the publishing house is the "The Witcher" series and the latest blockbuster "Cyberpunk 2077".

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