CD Projekt maintains the assumptions of the current development strategy

CD Projekt sees great potential in the “Cyberpunk” franchise and wants to release more products within the universe, the management board of the game producer has announced. The company maintains the assumptions of the current strategy.

“We see great potential in the cyberpunk franchise. The success of the anime series ‘Cyberpunk: Edgerunners’ and the interest of gamers in ‘The Specter of Liberty’ confirm that fans want more cyberpunk content. In accordance with our strategy, we want to release more products within this universe – an example of this is the recently published book ‘Cyberpunk 2077: No Chance’ by Rafał Kosik,’ said Adam Kiciński during the StockWatch chat.

CFO of the company Piotr Nielubowicz added that in accordance with the announced strategy, CD Projekt is working and preparing further productions, both in games and in the field of supporting products, but at the moment it focuses on communication related to “Widm Wolności”. According to the company’s strategy, the “Orion” project will be a continuation of the “Cyberpunk” universe.

Nielubowicz added that in addition to the release of “Phantom Liberty” in the near future, the company is planning the largest update 2.0 for “Cyberpunk 2077” so far, and “naturally will support the game (and expansion) as needed in the future.”

“We confirm that the assumptions of the strategy presented in October 2022 remain in force. The decision to make redundancies is related to the ongoing transformation in the studio, as part of which we implemented, among others, Agile methodology, we improved production methods and work organization. We want our team to be adapted to the scale and current needs of projects. We will return to more intensive recruitment at a time when future projects are more advanced” – emphasized Kiciński.

At the same time, Nielubowicz stated that, in line with the announced strategy, the company maintains that it plans to release the next two games of the upcoming Witcher trilogy within 6 years of the release of Polaris.

CD Projekt’s strategy update provides, among other things, for: pursuing three “unique, strong and enduring” franchises. He plans to continue using the “The Witcher” universe (3 projects) and Cyberpunk 2077″ (1 project) and a new, original IP – “Project Hadar”

“At the moment, we are not implementing any acquisition project. […] Over the last few years, we have built a solid financial background. We are not considering seeking external financing for our future projects,” the CFO added.

The CD Projekt group includes: CD Projekt RED – a developer of RPG video games and GOG – a global platform for digital game distribution. The flagship game of the publishing house is the series “The Witcher” and the blockbuster “Cyberpunk 2077”.


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