CCC signed annexes with 7 banks regarding financing for the amount of up to PLN 250 million

CCC has signed an annex to the joint financing conditions agreement (CTA) with institutions financing the CCC capital group, i.e. with Bank Handlowy, Bank Millennium, BNP Paribas Bank Polska, Bank Pekao, mBank (acting as an agent), PKO Bank Polski and Santander Bank Polska, the company said. The agreement extended the loan of up to PLN 250 million under the CTA until October 27, 2024. In addition, the company signed an annex to the loan agreement in the amount of PLN 885,962,000 of June 2, 2021, under which the company undertook to reduce its debt by PLN 320 million PLN by the end of 2023.

"In the loan agreement, the issuer also undertook to reduce the financial debt of the CCC capital group (excluding the Modivo Group) during and until the end of 2023 by PLN 320,000,000, assuming that by February 27, 2023 at the latest, part of the of the existing debt of lenders in the amount of PLN 535,702,600, secured with guarantees under the PLG-FGP Liquidity Guarantee Fund's portfolio guarantee line up to the amount of PLN 428,562,080, ”reads the release.

The CTA agreement and the loan agreement also introduced changes to the financial ratios, making them consistent with the ratios adopted in the terms and conditions of the bond issue.

The CCC Group is the leader of the Polish footwear retail market and one of the largest footwear manufacturers in Poland. The company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2004.

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