CCC: Modivo’s revenue dynamics will grow faster than the market

Modivo’s revenue dynamics this year. will grow faster than the e-commerce clothing market in Poland and the CEE region this year, estimates Marcin Czyczerski, CEO of the CCC Group.

“We expect that due to inflation and the uncertainty related to the war, this sentiment will accompany us and consumption will certainly be exposed to greater challenges than before. I think that at the same level as at the beginning of Q1. We, in turn, looking at what we have in Modivo, at the projects we are implementing, we know with certainty and conviction that even if this ‘cake’ were to decrease, our share in this cake it will grow excessively, we will grow faster than the market. We are prepared for it, ”said Czyczerski during a press conference.

In the first quarter of the financial year 2022 (February-April 2022), the Modivo Group, which includes and Modivo signs, recorded PLN 915 million in revenues. As CCC emphasizes, the sales dynamics (+ 19% y / y) and EBITDA profitability (6.6%) of the Modivo Group significantly stood out from the industry. Sign Modivo achieved a sales increase of 68% y / y to PLN 162 million, while generated revenues of PLN 745 million (+ 12% y / y).

Modivo is a European e-commerce leader in the sale of clothing, footwear and accessories, which combines the offer of and Modivo. The company’s sales platforms are available in several European countries. The company also conducts stationary sales in the largest Polish agglomerations. The CCC Group is the leader of the Polish footwear retail market and one of the largest footwear manufacturers in Poland. The company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2004.


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