279 restaurants sue State Treasury for PLN 211 million over lockdowns

For causing financial losses after the unlawful introduction of lockdowns, 279 gastronomic entrepreneurs sued the State Treasury for PLN 211 million, according to Sławomir Grzyb from the Polish Gastronomy Chamber of Commerce. He added that this was the first such lawsuit, the Chamber was working on another one.

As noted by Sławomir Grzyb, the secretary general of the board of the Polish Gastronomy Chamber of Commerce (IGGP), these are not all companies, and this is not the last class action. “The first one was filed with the District Court in Warsaw on November 8 this year. 279 business entities operating a total of 385 gastronomic establishments submitted their declarations. However, this is not a complete list of companies, and 21 companies will join the lawsuit in the following days” – informed Grzyb.

According to IGGP estimates, entrepreneurs who joined the lawsuit lost over PLN 211 million.


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