Casper AM wants to expand the distribution of its funds to banks

Caspar Asset Management wants to expand the distribution of its funds to bank distribution networks, said the president of Caspar AM Leszek Kasperski in an interview with ISBnews. In his opinion, the presence on the WSE main market will facilitate this process.

“Our activity is an activity of public trust, the stock exchange gives us additional value in the form of even greater credibility of what we do. We would also like to increase this credibility to be able to expand our distribution by switching with funds also to banking distribution, "Kasperski said in an interview with ISBnews.

He recalled that the company had been listed on NewConnect since 2011.

“Today we are in a completely different place in terms of organization and business. At that time, we managed the assets of PLN 380 million, today the assets we manage amount to PLN 2.2 billion, the assets of the entire group amount to PLN 2.8 billion, ”stressed the president.

Caspar Asset Management is a brokerage house specializing in serving affluent (HNWI) and very affluent (UHNWI) clients. It provides its clients primarily with asset management services as part of a wide range of investment strategies. The main area of ​​investment activity of Caspar Asset Management are stocks of global companies. In addition to managing individual clients' portfolios, Caspar Asset Management also provides management services for institutional clients, including investment fund management commissioned by Caspar Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych. The company made its debut on September 13, 2022 on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Previously, from 2011, it was listed on NewConnect.

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