Carlson EVIG Alfa has started work on a new impact investing and deeptech fund

Carlson EVIG Alfa has started work on raising a new fund, the concept of which is to be based on a combination of impact investing and deeptech, informed ISBtech president Dawid Wesołowski.

“We have already started working on raising a new fund. We combine these activities with building a database of startups at the seed or preseed stage, in which a new fund could invest. We want to dynamically start investment activities from day one. We want to base the concept of the new fund on a combination of impact investing and deeptech. Based on the current investment portfolio, we have noticed that projects aimed at solving a significant social or environmental problem bring above-average business results, while creating significant value for society,” said ISBtech Wesołowski.

He added that the second pillar of the new fund, i.e. deeptech, is an area in which the fund has gained significant experience in recent years.

“In particular, we want to focus on solutions from the medtech, fintech, circular economy and those using AI/machine learning or supporting the process of creating tools and the AI model. We intend to invest up to EUR 1 million in one project with the possibility of increasing it to EUR 2 million in the next round. In the field of fundraising, we focus on talks with private investors. Depending on the market situation, we also do not rule out the possibility of cooperation with public institutional investors,” the president pointed out.

Carlson EVIG Alfa has recently announced its 41st investment in a Polish startup, ending an investment period of over 3 years.

“In terms of the existing portfolio, value building will be of key importance to us. Our portfolio can be divided into companies that still spend the obtained financing on product development and are before the launch of sales, and startups that already have their own revenues and are in the process of obtaining the next round of financing. An example of the latest startup is medtech Nutrix, which in April announced the acquisition of a total of about PLN 8 million from three VC funds, including the Polish Simpact, and a grant from Innosuisse,” said Wesołowski.

He indicated that with the first group the fund is working intensively on their strategy of entering the business market, taking into account the relatively difficult economic situation. “On the other hand, we help the second group of companies in the development of sales in order to build their strong revenue position. At the same time, we try to support them in obtaining the next round of financing,” summed up the president.

Carlson ASI Evig Alfa is a venture capital fund from the Carlson group, which includes such entities as: Carlson Ventures International Ltd., Carlson Investments S.A. and Evig Alfa sp. z o.o. Carlson ASI Evig Alfa focuses on key industries for the knowledge-based economy, with particular emphasis on issues using elements of artificial intelligence (AI) in such industries as: Fintech, MedTech, IoT and CleanTech.


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