Carlson ASI Alfa invested in Braun, Sensus AI and Flotation Innovation

Carlson ASI Evig Alfa has expanded its portfolio with further projects, the Group announced. Brum, Sensus AI and Flotation Innovation joined the group of portfolio companies.

“December is the period of closing our latest investments and thus our investment portfolio. This time we saw a huge potential in such projects as: BRUM (prediction and recommendation system for the home&decor industry), Sensus AI (an application supporting the recognition of human mental properties) and Flotation Innovation (an innovative system for processing plastics). These are also not our last investments this year . By the end of December, our portfolio should be supplemented with a few more projects. Next year, however, we want to focus on supporting our startups in obtaining further rounds of financing and in developing their products,” said managing partner of Carlson ASI Evig Alfa, Dawid Wesołowski, quoted in the release.

Brum is a project whose target group will be people planning to build a house or renovate an apartment, the second new startup that received support from Carlson ASI Evig Alfa is Sensus AI. The originators of the project are creating an application that will ultimately support processes that require making decisions related to the mental properties of a person. Thanks to the developed application, the time and costs of personality tests to determine personal potential will be shortened.

Carlson ASI Evig Alfa is a venture capital fund from the Carlson group, which includes such entities as: Carlson Ventures International Ltd., Carlson Investments S.A. and Evig Alfa sp. z o.o. Carlson ASI Evig Alfa focuses on key industries for the knowledge-based economy, with particular emphasis on issues using elements of artificial intelligence (AI) in such industries as: Fintech, MedTech, IoT and CleanTech. The fund is financed by private investors and funds from the National Centre Research and Development (NCBR), under the BRIdge Alfa program.

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