Carlsberg invest 1.7 million pln in biogas

Browar Okocim, owned by Carlsberg Polska, will completely eliminate coke as a fuel for its brewery, with its news boiler house and biogas recovery installation project.

“The value of the biogas investment in Brzesko is PLN 1.7 million. Thanks to it, we have. This is an important achievement of Browar Okocim in reducing CO2 emissions, which brings us closer to the implementation of the global sustainable development strategy of the Carlsberg Group. One of its goals is ZERO CO2 emissions in the Group’s breweries by 2030. ” – said the manager of the sewage treatment plant at Browar Okocim in Brzesko, Michał Turlej, quoted in the press release.

The investment was aimed at using the generated biogas at the sewage treatment plant at Browar Okocim in separate fermentation chambers. The estimated daily average amount of biogas produced covers 100% of the sewage treatment plant’s needs for heating these chambers and buildings in the sewage treatment plant area, it is stated.

“Reducing carbon dioxide emissions to zero, halving water consumption at Carlsberg Group breweries worldwide, reducing accidents to zero at all group sites and offices, and providing consumers with 100% choice of non-alcoholic beer variants are the main goals of the sustainable development strategy Together Towards ZERO ”- we read in the release.

Carlsberg Polska, part of the Carlsberg Group, pursues these goals in its offices and three breweries: Browar Bosman in Szczecin, Browar Kasztelan in Sierpc and Browar Okocim in Brzesko. In 2020, it achieved a reduction of CO2 by 6.7%. compared to the base year 2015, the company also managed to reduce the consumption of electricity and heat by 5.6% last year (counting from 2015), it was also indicated.

Together Towards ZERO is consistent with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement (2015). Experts assisted in its development, among others with Carbon Trust and the WWF International Foundation. It is also part of the SAIL’22 global business strategy of the Carlsberg Group.


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