Captor Therapeutics exploring partnerships in TPD technology

Captor Therapeutics is considering partnering agreements based on the technology of targeted protein degradation – TPD and independent of the company’s pipeline, said Dr. Michał Walczak, CSO (Chief Scientific Officer) and Captor Therapeutics’ management board member. The company is currently in talks with about 10 entities interested in MCL1 degraders, but it does not feel the pressure to establish cooperation and may develop the project up to the IND (investigational new drugs) phase.

“We are already carrying out one such cooperation with Sosei-Heptares. These are difficult deals, on the one hand, as they start very early in the drug discovery timeline, and this results in an inherently high rate of failure. On the other hand, these are very valuable and prestigious contracts, because firstly, they enable cooperation alongside pharmaceutical industry experts, and thus develop our team, and secondly, they build a strong brand of companies such as ours”, Walczak said.

Targeted protein degradation technology, TPD, is an innovative approach to drug development that has the potential to respond to those diseases that elude drugs available on the market today.


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