Capital Park’s Norblin factory lands Apple Museum Poland

In the creative and interactive Apple Museum Poland in the revitalized Norblin Factory complex, you can see 1,500 exhibits on the development and development of Apple products.

In an area of ​​320 square meters, it will house the most extensive and the largest collection in the world with computers, laptops, accessories, telephones, software, peripherals, multimedia carriers with unique Apple materials, posters and souvenirs. The exhibition will open in autumn.

Until now, the museum has operated in a temporary seat in Piaseczno. However, due to the size of the collection, the owner was looking for a new location to host an exhibition that guides visitors through a timeline and showcases all of Apple’s products and development stages in chronological order.

“The choice of our new location was not accidental. The Norblin factory seems to be the most electrifying lifestyle center in this part of Europe. It is a place with magical cultural and social potential. A place where the spirit of the extraordinary history of Polish industry hovers, surrounded by unique modernist-classicist architecture. The Norblin factory is the quintessence of tomorrow’s mix from yesterday. It’s like the Apple brand” – says Jacek Łupina, owner of Apple Museum Poland.

The Japko company is responsible for the production and marketing of the exhibition.


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