Canadians will help Synthos build small nuclear power plants

Two Canadian companies will help Synthos Green Energy in the construction of small power plants with nuclear reactors in Poland. Two agreements have just been signed on this matter.

The energy concern OPG and the manufacturer of components for nuclear energy BWXT Canada will cooperate in the construction of the Synthos Green Energy power plant – a company controlled by Michał Sołowow, one of the richest Poles.

The contracts were signed in Canada, and representatives of the Canadian province of Ontario also took part in the event.

The company controlled by Sołowow declares in the contract with BWXT Canada the order of at least ten nuclear reactors. They are to be intended for the European market – including Poland. BWXT will make some of the components, including one of the most important elements of the entire structure – the reactor pressure vessel.


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