Otomoto brings blockchain to used car industry

The Digital Vehicle Passport is intended to make buyers and sellers know as much about the technical condition of the used car on sale. The secure document is based on blockchain technology. It is a joint project of Otomoto, Carsmile and MC2.

This week we wrote about the fact that the Otomoto service, which is part of the OLX group, will launch a transaction platform for the sale of used cars in Poland. The Digital Vehicle Passport is to be part of it. Its release is to be free of charge and preceded by a detailed examination of the vehicle for sale.

Thanks to the combination of blockchain technology and comprehensive vehicle inspection according to ISO standardization, the Digital Vehicle Passport will document the technical condition of the car in an indisputable and inviolable manner. It will be the most reliable and comprehensive document confirming the technical condition of the vehicle that has been created in the history of the Polish automotive industry – explains Anna Streżyńska, president of MC2 and former minister of digitization.


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