Żabka tempts franchisees with insurance

The insurance works in the event of a negative balance upon termination of the activity under the network’s banner. Although Żabka stores have a much higher rate of business success than independent stores, running a business is always associated with risks. The business policy is the only insurance of this type on the market offered by a franchise network. The policy is provided by one of the largest insurers in the country, TUW PZUW.

Żabka provides the shop owners under its name with, among others, a number of tools facilitating the management of outlets, gives access to know-how, provides ready-to-run premises and guaranteed monthly income for the first year of operation – currently it amounts to 17,000 monthly.

The business policy was created to minimize the risk of failure and potential indebtedness of franchisees. Thanks to it, entrepreneurs running stores can be sure that at the time of termination of cooperation with a negative balance, a significant part of the possible financial liability will be covered by the insurer.

“The business security of entrepreneurs running stores under our banner is our priority – especially in the challenging times in which we currently operate. Extensive support from a large, stable organization from the very beginning plays a key role in the success of a business on the market. In addition, the insurance we offer gives entrepreneurs the confidence that they are protected in the event of a negative balance after the termination of the franchise agreement, although our analysis shows that 9 out of 10 entrepreneurs running Żabka stores achieve satisfactory revenues faster than a year” – emphasizes Damian Rybak, Director of the Development Department and Support for Franchisees in Żabka Polska.


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