BTC Studios will build revenues on House Secrets and cooperation with Nacon, among others

The BTC Studios group will strive to build stable revenues based on, inter alia, Own mobile product "House Secrets", publishing collaboration with Nacon on "Zorro the Chronicles" and development of the Xi4G production team, said the announcement.

“The merger of BTC and Xi4G significantly increases the catalog and product range for the target groups of the gaming and application market. We are starting to reach both the classic young player through the development of the 'Zorro the Chronicles' product for the mobile version (Android, iOS), and the market development of the Hidden Objects Adventure F2P 'House Secrets the Beginning' product series for the Family Gaming target group. Thanks to the successful acquisition, we are very optimistic about the coming quarters, believing that the combination of the forces of both entities will bring tangible benefits for shareholders, ”said Jarosław Modrzejewski, president of BTC Studios, quoted in the announcement.

“Our ambitions have grown significantly with the changes made over the last few months. The Group will strive to build stable revenues based on, inter alia, own published large mobile product 'House Secrets', publishing cooperation with Nacon on 'Zorro the Chronicles' and development of the Xi4G production team. The signing of a contract with Martian Interactive Entertainment Limited, a recognized and experienced game publisher on the Chinese market, also promises well, ”added Modrzejewski.

BTC Studios intends to help "House Secrets" in the near future by running a user acquisition campaign to attract new users. At the end of July, the company signed an annex to the publishing agreement, under which it acquired a publishing partner for the Chinese market. Martian Interactive Entertainment Limited will be among the co-publishers and responsible for sales in China, with a 50/50 revenue split. This entity will also be responsible for marketing the game "House Secrets: The Beginning" on the Chinese market.

BTC Studios is a producer, developer and publisher of video games for mobile devices, consoles and PC / Mac computers listed on NewConnect. The company's business model is based on, inter alia, acquiring licenses for the most recognizable animated productions for young people, which will then be used to develop games.

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