Brexit offers chance to entice Poles home, says ambassador

The Polish government ­believes Brexit has presented an opportunity to ­entice home citizens living in the UK, as a booming economy has left the country short of workers.

Poland’s ambassador to the UK, Arkady Rzegocki, told The Daily Telegraph that he was working closely with UK authorities to ensure a secure future for the one million Polish nationals living in Britain.

However, strong economic growth, set to reach 5pc this year in Poland  meant that there was a desire to lure Poles back home.

“We have very, very low unemployment and we need more people,” said Mr Rzegocki. “So we are trying first of all to encourage Poles to come back.

“For sure, uncertainty and a weaker pound have been some of the reasons for people to make the decision.”

A repatriation drive comes amid dwindling numbers of Polish migrants choosing to come to the UK to work. In the year to March, net migration from the so-called A8 countries that joined the EU in 2004 turned negative for the first time since records began.

Some 45,000 migrants arrived from this group of nations – which includes ­Poland, Hungary and the Czech ­Republic – while 47,000 left.

Mr Rzegocki said that lower living costs, high wage growth and a greater sense of public safety were major selling points for workers who want to start a family back home after gaining a positive experience in the UK.

He added: “When you have or are having a family, you often compare prices. London is very expensive.”


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