Brand 24 relies on Cisco Meraki Go solutions. It is a symbol of a return to normal

Brand24 is a leader in the field of network monitoring. The Polish company provides services to nearly 3500 customers. And although 60 percent of them come from outside Poland, this does not mean that no one is knocking on the door of Brand24 offices, on the contrary. Both the Warsaw and Wrocław locations are crowded. For a company like Brand24, however, the presence of guests is associated with some challenges.

Due to the dispersed team and IT infrastructure, providing guests with easy and secure access to the Internet, both for Brand 24’s resources and for users, seemed to be a complicated task requiring a combination of fire and water. The networks in Brand24 offices must have high bandwidth and at the same time guarantee security, as well as simplicity of implementation, configuration and network management.

Brand 24 decided to implement a guest network based on the Cisco Meraki Go solution. – Thanks to the implementation of the new network on Meraki Go, we are ready to return to normalcy and re-welcome guests, partners and contractors in our offices. Now they will be able to freely use the network, and the connection process itself will be simpler – says Piotr Margolt, Data Protection Officer at Brand 24.

Cisco Meraki Go is a family of networking solutions for entrepreneurs, built on the company’s many years of experience in the field of networking and cybersecurity. As a result, Cisco products are stable, easy to use and affordable.

What distinguishes Meraki Go is advanced security that works by default, which guarantees a high level of cybersecurity. The network created with their use can be easily managed from anywhere via the mobile application (iOS and Android). The minimalist design of the devices is also important, thanks to which they fit perfectly into any business space.

In Meraki Go we have combined what at first glance cannot be combined – advanced security with a simple and transparent configuration. As a result, a family of solutions was created that does not require advanced technical knowledge and at the same time provides enterprise-class networking capabilities – said Magdalena Łyszczarz, SMB Manager, Cisco Polska.

Due to all these advantages, Brand 24 decided to implement a guest network in its offices based on the Cisco Meraki Go solution. The implementation of the network in the Wrocław office of Brand 24 took less than an hour, including the time for the deployment and installation of devices and configuration.


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