BOŚ is working on transforming IT to a cloud model

Bank Ochrony Środowiska (BOŚ) has developed, in cooperation with the Chmura Krajowa, a concept for the transformation of its IT solutions to the cloud model. Cloud technology is to become one of the key tools to support the implementation of the bank’s business strategy, help build competitive advantages, and significantly accelerate work on the implementation of new solutions.

As stated, the bank will create a multidisciplinary team of the Cloud Competence Center, which will build the foundations for cloud solutions and support the development of cloud competences, so that the bank’s employees, both from IT and other areas, gain the knowledge and skills necessary for the most effective use of cloud technology in the implementation business purposes.

“Cloud is a technology that companies from various industries use more and more boldly, seeing it as an effective tool to accelerate their development. Therefore, within five years, we want to transfer nearly half of our applications to the cloud, and design newly built solutions to work immediately in accordance with the ‘CloudReady’ technological standards. We are convinced that by choosing an operating model developed with the support of a trusted partner, which is the Chmura Krajowa, we will implement our plans in a more effective way, focusing on providing even better financial services to our clients “- said the director of the IT and telecommunications department at BOŚ, Emil Andryszczyk, the head of the Road2Cloud Program.


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