BOŚ Bank wants to create consortia financing the energy transformation

Currently, eco-loans account for 40% of the bank’s loan portfolio. In the coming years, expenditure on the energy transformation in Poland will amount to EUR 300-350 billion, of which approximately 25% will be EU and public funds.

Bank Ochrony Środowiska (BOŚ) wants to create consortia and participate in arranging financing of projects related to the energy transformation, declared BOŚ President Wojciech Hann.
“The most important thing will be to create consortia and arrange project financing also for subcontractors,” said Hann during a panel at the National Energy Summit in Gdańsk.

As emphasized by the president, BOŚ Bank as an institution is prepared to face the challenges of the “green” transformation.

“It is imperative that the transition fuels, such as natural gas, have financing,” added Hann.

The shares of Bank Ochrony Środowiska have been listed on the WSE main market since 1997. The group also includes Dom Maklerski BOŚ. The bank’s total assets amounted to PLN 20.5 billion at the end of 2020.


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