Boryszew to spend PLN 120 million on capex in 2021

The Boryszew Group estimates the total capex for 2021 at about PLN 120 million, said President Wojciech Kowalczyk.

“We estimate that the total capex for 2021 will amount to approximately PLN 120 million. This is slightly less than we originally assumed for this year, but we moved some of the capital expenditure to 2022 due to the delay in investment processes due to extended delivery times, as well as significant increases in infrastructure purchase prices. In addition, part of the funds was allocated to working capital due to high prices of raw materials in the Metals Segment, ”said Kowalczyk.

Investment outlays in the Boryszew Group after 9 months of 2021 amounted to PLN 89 million, also stated in the material.


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