Boryszew: EBITDA in 2022 should be comparable to 2021

The Boryszew Group's EBITDA in 2022 should be close to that achieved in 2021 (PLN 375 million), the results in the automotive segment will be lower than expected, while in the metals segment higher, Wojciech Kowalczyk, president of ISBnews, informed.

“The situation in the metals segment is better than we assumed, in the chemicals segment it is stable, while in the automotive industry it is below expectations, which is caused by the influence of the war in Ukraine. Supply chains, for example electric harnesses, were broken, which caused many European car factories to temporarily suspend production, which had to affect lower volumes, "Kowalczyk said in an interview with ISBnews.

According to him, in the whole of 2022 one should expect a decline in EBITDA in the automotive segment, but in metals the situation is very good, so at the level of the entire group, the EBITDA result should be close to last year's.

“The war in Ukraine, paradoxically, had a positive impact on the metals segment, as the supply gap in the market had to be filled. I assume that 2023 may already be weaker for metals, but at the same time I expect that at that time the automotive market will finally return to the level from 2019, which, after the investments we have completed, will translate into a significant increase in EBITDA in this segment "- he added president.

The Boryszew Group is one of the largest industrial groups in Poland, specializing in the production of car components, processing of non-ferrous metals and industrial chemistry. It employs approx. 10 thousand. employees in over 30 plants located in 14 countries, on 4 continents. Boryszew has been listed on the WSE since 1996. Consolidated revenues amounted to PLN 6.26 billion in 2021.

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