BMZ investing €120M in growing battery business

German supplier BMZ has earmarked 120 million euros to invest in the expansion of its battery factory for various electric vehicles at Karlstein. An additional production hall measuring 3,000 sqm is under construction and BMZ is also building a new logistics centre.

The expansion is set to end in September 2019, then having undergone three construction phases. The logistics hall with space for 1,200 pallets will be completed a month later in October that year. At the same time BMZ is expanding their battery production facilities in Poland and China.

For BMZ the investment follows increasing demand for their battery systems that are in use in electric vehicles reaching from cranes and excavators over buses (growing Eurabus is an example) to electric bikes and robot lawn mowers even.

The new production hall in Karlstein is to built “high-tech products,” says BMZ owner Sven Bauer and adds that the company is looking to hire programmers but also production specialists. Overall, the new hall will create 300 jobs in battery manufacturing in Europe.

BMZ acts as design and assembly specialist and recently secured a supply agreement with LG Chem for battery cells. The Korean company is to deliver a couple hundreds of million cells throughout 2022 so that BMZ may fulfil its obligations to producers of various (light) electric vehicles.



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