Chinese giant Tencent’s 22% stake in Bloober Team means new global games coming

Blair Witch was a turning point in the history of Bloober Team, Tencent opens new doors to the Krakow-based company, and one of the IPs in the developer’s portfolio belongs to Konami – President of Bloober, Piotr Babieno.

The Krakow-based company intends to add more action elements in its titles and is currently working on two large, still unannounced projects. One of them is an IP belonging to the Japanese company Konami, while the other is created together with Take-Two Interactive. The release dates are also unknown, but we assume that in the case of Bloober we can count on big surprises.

In October 2021, the Chinese giant Tencent joined Bloober’s shareholder structure. He purchased nearly 22% of the company’s shares, which had previously been sold by Rockbridge TFI. According to Babieno, Tencent has opened another door for them in the gaming industry, but this does not mean that the Krakow company will only create productions for the Chinese market, or be limited to the shareholder’s guidelines. Bloober has his DNA, as the CEO points out, and intends to continue producing psychological horrors with more action elements.


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