Biomed Lublin raises 21 million pln

BIOMED-LUBLIN Wytwórnia Surowic i Szczepionek’s stock is up by a considerable 51% over the past three months.

Biomed Lublin has decided that it will divide the process of raising capital into two parts and plans to offer 1,734,798 new issue shares to Ipopema Securities, informed Biomed in a statement. In April, the company entered into an agreement with Ipopema, under which Ipopema was to sell 3 million shares from other shareholders, then take up new issue shares and return them to shareholders.

Biomed reported that PLN 21.4 million was raised in connection with the sale of 1,734,798 shares from selected shareholders of the company.

Under the investment agreement, Ipopema or the entity indicated by it will acquire and pay for the shares of the new issue, and after the registration of the share capital increase and the admission and introduction of the shares to trading, it will return them to the shareholders.

“The overriding goal of the company is to optimize the financial structure of strategic projects, while maintaining the highest possible value of shares” – it was written in the release.

At the beginning of April, Biomed Lublin concluded an investment agreement and an offering agreement with Ipopema Securities. The agreement included Biomed’s obligation to issue up to 3 million ordinary bearer shares as part of the company’s authorized capital and Ipopema’s obligation to acquire these shares. Ipopema has the right to indicate another entity that will take up the new issue of shares.

On Tuesday at On February 12, one Biomed share cost PLN 10.675.


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