Biomed Lublin: Nko BCG has been registered in Germany and Switzerland

Onko BCG - a medicinal product from Biomed Lublin - received a registration certificate based on registration dossiers in Germany and Switzerland, the company said.

Applications for the registration of the medicinal product were submitted by Apogepha, and the above event is an important milestone in cooperation with this company, it was stated.

“BCG enemas used in the treatment of bladder cancer are scarce in the world. Successful completion of the registration process on both of the above-mentioned markets opens up new expansion opportunities for Onko BCG and will close a significant gap in the availability of the product on the market, starting from Germany and Switzerland, and then - after the registration processes - also in other European Union countries "- we read in the message.

Biomed-Lublin Wytwórnia Surowic i Szczepionek is a Polish pharmaceutical company operating since 1944. The company produces medicinal preparations (prescription drugs, medical devices and laboratory reagents used in biochemical and medical laboratories). The company has been listed on the main market of the WSE since 2015.

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