Biomed-Lublin has a contract with BModesto regarding Onko BCG drugs worth min. EUR 10.3 million

Biomed-Lublin has concluded an agreement with the Dutch pharmaceutical company BModesto for cooperation in the registration, delivery and distribution of Onko BCG 50 and Onko BCG 100 medicinal products, the company said. The contract value is at least EUR 10.3 million (approximately PLN 49 million).

“Biomed Lublin, through the company BModesto, will provide ONKO BCG medicinal products to the Dutch market with a value of at least EUR 10.3 million. This amount may increase due to the adopted model of cooperation, consisting in the distribution of profit in the event of achieving higher than assumed minimum sale prices of products in hospital tenders "- reads the release.

The company emphasizes that due to the nature of the tenders, the potential increase in the value of sales at the hospital is difficult to estimate at this stage. Additionally, it was specified that the forecast level of orders would increase every year.

”It should also be emphasized that the contract concluded with BModesto redefines the model of cooperation with foreign entities and is the result of optimizing our strategy aimed at increasing sales dynamics and maximizing revenues. The minimum contract value exceeds EUR 10 million, but it may increase due to the assumed cooperation model. We have no doubts that the contract with BModesto will be a bridgehead for further development on new European markets. Joint expansion into new markets seems only a matter of time, which should only bring us closer to achieving the adopted strategic goals, ”said the president of Biomed Lublin, Maksymilian Świniarski, quoted in the release.

BModesto is a distributor of drugs and medical devices. In addition to wholesale, BModesto also owns the trademarks of various drugs. The group, apart from BModesto, includes: BMmedical, BMclinical and SynCo Pharma.

Biomed-Lublin Wytwórnia Surowic i Szczepionek is a Polish pharmaceutical company operating since 1944. The company produces medicinal preparations (prescription drugs, medical devices and laboratory reagents used in biochemical and medical laboratories). The company has been listed on the main market of the WSE since 2015.

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