Bioceltix has started clinical trials of a veterinary drug

Bioceltix has started its research phase in a veterinary clinical trial for the BCX-CM-J product for the treatment of degenerative joint changes in dogs, the company said. This means that the investigational veterinary medicinal product was administered to the first patients.

As the company informed, the aim of the clinical trial is to confirm the effectiveness of the candidate for a veterinary medicinal product in the treatment of clinical symptoms (pain, lameness) of osteoarthritis in dogs. The clinical trial is conducted in 16 clinics in 3 countries (Portugal, Ireland, Hungary).

“The total number of patients recruited is estimated at 135 and will be finalized based on the statistical analysis of the follow-up results of the first 45 patients. The observation time for each patient after administration is 90 days. The date of completion of the research depends on the pace of patient recruitment, ”reads the release.

At the end of July, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority approved the issue prospectus of Bioceltiks, submitted in connection with the transfer of the company's listing to the regulated market.

Bioceltix is ​​a biotechnology company that develops medicinal products for companion animals, with an emphasis on dogs and horses. The company has been listed on the NewConnect market since November 2021.

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