Bioavlee eyes European expansion; introduces innovative products

Combining technological edge with scientific expertise, Polish biotech company Bioavlee is bringing its innovative devices for laboratories to the wider European market.

Biotechnology involves applying science and engineering to the processing of materials by biological agents to design drugs and other products. According to the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, it is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Poland, despite still being at an early stage. The country has six mature biotech clusters, including in Warsaw, Kraków and Wrocław, it notes.

Based in Wrocław, Bioavlee creates devices for the laboratory market, seeking to make lab work “more accurate, faster, cheaper and simpler”. With its emphasis on R&D, the company draws on expertise from a range of fields, from optics to electronics, and from microbiology to programming.

The company’s products include the Quantica 500, a compact device that automatically counts microorganism colonies in microbiological quantitative analysis.

Carried out during microbiological testing, this type of analysis is usually time consuming for laboratory staff. Using the Quantica 500, with its optimised algorithms, allows them to cut the counting time to just half a second. In addition to counting, the device, which became available on the market last year through a Polish distributor, can generate reports based on the results.

Now Bioavlee is preparing for expansion in Europe. At the end of April, it announced four contracts for the distribution of the Quantica 500.

The contracts, signed with distributors in Spain, Italy, Austria and Switzerland, will bring the product to a broad range of potential customers outside Poland.

“When we were looking for the right business partners for Bioavlee, we wanted the joint activities to bring synergy,” said Michał Wronecki, the company’s CEO.

In practice, the four distributors of the Quantica 500, each of them with an established base of regular customers, translate into over 2000 buyers, he explained.

In addition to these contracts, the company has signed letters of intent with distributors in eight other countries, including some outside the EU, such as India and Israel, according to its website. The company has won awards for its work, including the Polish Intelligent Development Award 2017 in the “Innovative Company” category.

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